An identity and digital campaign for an alternative 
online media streaming platform, promoting cultural diversity and challenging mainstream media sources. 
CONCEPT: Core idea—curating conversation.
The name is, at once, ironic in it's core belief that knowledge and culture shouldn't be a luxury;
and in it's origin of the basic call to action—PUSH PLAY.
Trend based visual devices were used intentionally to appeal to the 18-30 yo city-centric demographic, such as bold offset framing, outlined typography and retro diagram inspired illustration.
The digital platform's mission to reframe perspectives
and highlight local diverse cultural narratives, is symbolised through the broken grid layout and animating framing devices.
UX considerations: The primary audience intention is to discover the newest, edgiest content before peers; and this is facilitated through the page hierarchy, minimalistic structure and large CTA menus. 

Brainstorming concepts and visual devices.

Fingers as characters and as the facilitators enabling the viewer to step into a more informed, culturally richer world. 
Push play for a scroll through the Plush streaming site. 
Visual styling and kinetic framing in motion designed to suggest diverse narratives.
UX designed for users needing immediate access to brand new,  informative and boundary pushing content.

Street poster series designed to provoke curiosity and engage through minimal text and and quirky and bold visual devices which translate to animated graphics online.

Social campaign—initially quirky, bold and obscure with simple, provocative graphics. By engaging with the social platform followed by the streaming service, the viewer is not only entertained but begins a broadening of their world, promoting cultural diversity.