Branding —
A digital street label start-up

In order to be seen and heard as a
new label in an oversaturated market, the brand needed a strong visual
and conceptual identity.
Taking the notion of the 'alchemy
of hype' which occurs uniquely in
the streetwear industry, I developed
a brand strategy that is self referential and tongue in cheek.
The core brand idea; to be the
base for all essential reaction; is purposefully obscure, through  abstracted, distinctive graphics. 
The visual language takes conceptual and stylistic inspiration from 
non-objective Existentialist Russian Suprematism. A period of art that glorified meditative reflection on paint and form for being spiritual in and of itself — this style reference gives weight to the brand's mission of being
an essential fashion 'substrate'. 
Digital platform & store
Process: analogue paint and paper texture, processed digitally
Graphic elements and posters for IRL and online
Impactful through bold contrast and abstracted form